About Pete Hardesty

Thanks for coming by.  My name is Pete Hardesty and I am the Director of Young Life College at James Madison University.  I also help support folks doing Young Life College throughout the mid-Atlantic.  I am a big fan of college people.  I grew up in Baltimore, went to college at UVA, and have worked for Young life ever since, first in Virginia Beach and now in the Friendly City of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Things I like:  My nieces, Ravens football, magic, movies, cigars, candy, thai food, Middle East.
Things I don’t like:  Country music, tomatoes, rice crispy treats, and wet socks.
If you don’t like that, you can meet me after school behind the dumpster to fight.

My goal for the site:  We only get one shot at this life.  We need to find out what matters and give ourselves to it.  So I want to help all of us live life to the full, get the most out of life, realize our potential.  I believe everyone has vast potential within them, a kind of caged-up greatness that is begging to get out.  One of my mentors says we should hold a crown above other people’s heads and let them grow up into it.  Dreaming for them.  Maybe we could dream for each other.  We only get one go-round through this life so let’s make it count.  I love when people find their purpose.  I’m still figuring out mine.