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Have you ever gone on vacation and as you arrive wondered if you had locked your door?  Or even if you had closed the door?  I got from being away for the weekend a couple years ago to my front door wide open.  How embarrassing.  In my panicked frenzy to leave I forgot not just to lock the door, but to close it.  Luckily all my valuables were still intact (really just my TV and cigars).  I know vacation season has begun so I wanted to give you a gift.  Stuff to do beforehand.  You can make your own checklist but this will be a great start. Lots of credit to my mom and dad as the most prepared travelers in the world—they were big contributors on this series.

Top 3 tips for any kind of travel:

  1. Make a list! Make your list of things to do and also things to pack (included in future posts).  This will take the guessing game out of vacation/going away.  Keep it in your phone or somewhere easily accessible for the future.
  2. Buy an extra phone charger and put it in the suitcase you most frequently use. They are really cheap.
  3. Compile a complete toiletry kit with new toiletries. Don’t use any of these daily.  That way you’re not having to pack everytime you go away for the weekend, you just grab it.

5 Things to do the week before vacation or longer travel:

  1. Email your itinerary and travel plans to a trusted friend. (my parents always send my sister and I this when they travel)
  2. Let a trusted neighbor know you will be gone and to keep an eye out.
  3. Put a hold on your mail and newspaper (do people still get those?). The USPS has a place to do that online HERE.
  4. Check any bill due dates and pay them. Getting a late fee after a great vacation is like a punch in the throat.
  5. I have a rule where I don’t pack the day I’m leaving. This makes me pack the night before and gives me some time to remember things that aren’t on the list.

Next post:  10 things to do the day that you leave and in honor of our soon-coming trip to the Middle East, some international tips.