Hello there! We arrived safe and sound about 9 hours ago and hit the ground running eating lunch and then going directly to Caesarea Maritima and touring the site for about 2 hours. What an incredible place! We celebrated because we are part of the “ends of the earth” that people dreamed about getting to when they used Caesarea as a missionary launching pad.

We will be posting pics as time allows. I will have several of our students “guest post” and report on their experiences. So you will get to hear from Zack Miller, Meredith Cotton, and Jonathan Bowman.

Please pray for one of our students, John, a rising senior at JMU as he got a severe intestinal bug and was in the ER late thurs. night and then left with us on Friday. What a trooper! But he is still sick. Please pray that he would rally and be at full strength tomorrow.

Thanks so much. I am writing you from a hotel in the city of Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. This is going to be fun. Shalom!